3 for 2 sitewide. Mix & match.
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Backless Stick On Bras

3 for 2 sitewide. Mix & match

Adhesive Bra Buying Guide

Designed in the United Kingdom these fantastic discrete stick on bras are your perfect solution to your strapless wardrobe. Reusable, alluring and on point.

What is a stick on bra?

A Bralux stick on bra is a backless strapless bra that keeps you in place using reusable skin-friendly adhesive. The self-adhesive complies with all EC Directives and the Safety of Cosmetic Products.

How to find your correct size stick on bra

Our bras range from Size A to Size G, Size H and Size J. We've invested heavily in research and production to ensure that women of all shapes and sizes can benefit from our products. Each item listed has a Size Guide in the product listing, this will help you find your best fit and convert your regular every day from into the best fitting Bralux bra.

What different types of backless adhesive bra are there?

Our range spans from the ever popular nude classic bra available in A to Size G, drawstring bras A to J, plunge stick on bras A to D to breast enhancing push up stick on bras which give you an extra bit of oooomph should you feel you need it. Please browse the product range, we're certain there will be something for you.

How to put on a stick on bra

Applying your Bralux adhesive bra is easy. Please follow this visual guide or scroll down to read the eight simple steps.

  1. Prepare your breasts by washing your body and removing any lotions or creams you may have on you. The cleaner your skin the more effective super skin-friendly adhesive is.
  2. Removing the hygiene strip to reveal the adhesive backing.
  3. One cup at a time you can place the cup on your breast in your desired position starting from inwards to outward. For more lift place the cup higher up.
  4. Repeat this process with the second cup on your other breast.
  5. With both cups in place you can now clip them together using the center clasp.
  6. Lift and adjust your breasts until you feel most comfortable in your Bralux stick on bra.
  7. Pat down the outer edges of the bra cup with your fingers as seen in the diagram.
  8. Your adhesive bra should be hugging your skin, feel comfortable and you are ready to enjoy your stick on bra for the rest of the day.

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