Bralux Best Friend Inserts: Bra Inserts

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Bralux Best Friend Inserts: Bra Inserts

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Three different styles that allow you to create the style and cleavage you desire.

Included in this discrete package are as follows:

Model A  - Slight Lift

Model B - Medium Lift

Model C - Full Boost.

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Model A - Slight Lift.

Model B - Medium Lift

Model C - Maximum boost.

Come on ladies, we've all stood there in our bedrooms jiggling our assets around inside our bras hoping for a little lift here and there, and no amount of messing with your straps or good camera angles can remedy this. well, I give you our 'Best Friend' inserts. Just like having a tight squad these inserts will give you that personal support when you need it most and will help point you in the right direction, so to speak!

The Brows: Thin enough to give the subtle lift you need but perfect for going under-boob to give you that all round uplift and 'ooh baby!'

The Smiles: Perfect for popping in the sides of your bra, or bikini, to help give you that 'wow' cleavage we've always wanted. It will gently push your boobs inwards a little, giving a sexy but comfortable boost to your assets!

The Eyes: These are like The Brows but will add a little more of a noticeable 'pow'! Sitting just under your boobs these will have you give that sexy jiggle on the dance floor in that plunge bra and dress you've always wanted to try!

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